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“Singing the standards, the classics from the Great American Songbook, has become something that most vocalists gravitate to at some point during their career. For Las Vegas singer Ryan Baker, singing timeless classics seems to be something he was born to do from the beginning, as Timeless Again reveals so well. Gifted with a vocal instrument quite different from others, Baker seems suited for the music of the ages."

- Ed Blanco, host of "Jazz Cafe" on 88.9 WDNA Miami, AllAboutJazz.com

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“[T]his CD shows Ryan Baker to be a subtly impressive singer who really shines in this low-key setting."

- Jerome Wilson, Cadence Jazz Magazine


“What makes this disc stand out is that Baker pulls out a few obscure ringers, and makes them work... Nice outing!”

- George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

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“Hooray for Ryan Baker... An honest production.”

 - Robert D. Rusch, Cadence Jazz Magazine


“Performing both obscure gems and transformed versions of standards... Baker indeed does justice to these timeless classics with his impressive debut."

- Scott Yanow, jazz historian & journalist